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Merriam-Webster's defines "Proven" as follows:



\ ˈprüv  \

proved; proved or proven\ ˈprü-​vən  , British also  ˈprō-​ \; proving\ ˈprü-​viŋ  \

Definition of prove


transitive verb

1A: to establish the existence, truth, or validity of (as by evidence or logic)

1B: to demonstrate as having a particular quality or worth

2A: to test the truth, validity, or genuineness of the exception 

2B: to test the worth or quality of specifically: to compare against a standard

Masonry Cosmetics defines proven as: "Does it last?"


1:  Does the Stain last the test of time?

2:  Will the Stain hurt your brick? Will the Stain trap water? Will the stain cause your brick to spall?

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